Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No Americans were hurt in producing this blog entry

I do not like stereotyping. Period. It seems to be the fad of the day. I´ll have none of it. In the words of Groucho Marx: I´m against it!

Well, dear stereotypers, eat this:

I am a longhaired Hippie who never was out of a steady job nor skimped his service duties to his country, I am staunchly liberal, yet I own and shoot guns and advocate controlled handgun posession for any civilian fit to do so, I love my SUV (diesel powered, ECO-rated, 85%recyclable) and I like Americans. My best buddy on this planet most definitely is one.

That´s what´s wrong with you lot: you just don´t see life is NOT black and white. If so, evolution by continuous improvement would never have happened. Well, it would explain things like the current POTUS and some of the other low-lives that contaminate the administration of an otherwise great country.

Well, if all these words were too tiresome to read, enjoy the cartoon ;) *)

*) Yes, I was deliberately stereotyping. It was done with humourous intent.


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