Monday, June 04, 2007

Microsoft is the new SCO

Well, we all read it, Micro$oft (or should I write Micro§oft) has accused the linux community (hey, that´s possibly you and certainly me as well) of a three digit figure of patent violations.

So far, so bad.

The questions remains, what is Bill and Screamin Steve up to? Are they bent on becoming the next AT&T or SCO?

Here is an article I would like to suggest to you:


At Thu Jun 14, 02:46:00 pm CEST, Anonymous Chris Muir said...

Resist! I live & breath for my PowerPC G5!

At Thu Jun 14, 03:02:00 pm CEST, Blogger Duckiputz said...

Actually, I consider giving my intel iMac a nice desk mate, a G5 20in iMac. But the servers will always be on LinuX!

At Thu Aug 09, 12:48:00 am CEST, Blogger Duckiputz said...

Another take on the matter:

click here


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