Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, a couple of the guys from the local Association (I´d link a webpage here but unfortunately our old web master literally took it with him when he left us, so you´ll have to wait until yours truly has time to set something new up) went to take our chance to try a new variation of our sport: multi-distance and metal targets. So, off we went to Grünstadt on last Saturday.

Well, it was all a lot of fun and would have been even better, if my handgun had not decided to have a jam or two. Unfortunately, I had sent my trusty 1911 off for a clean and overhaul... and got it back with half an extractor, so I had to fit the 9mm barrel instead. I had used that a couple of times already on our range but for the metal targets I had bought cartrdges with a heavier bullet (124 as opposed to 115 grs). The Ol´11 , already pining for its .45 barrel, did not like them a bit.

So I quit the first round, and borrowed a friend´s Para Ordnance for the metal shoot-off. Well, at least hat went quite well.

And to help matters, I got myself a Bianchi holster and a replacement extractor. I´ll fit that tomorrow, and I am finally back in the game. Picked up a couple of ex US Army mags, too. My replacement mag by Mecgear will not let the slide catch do its job, so that goes back to the store, and I´ve got three mags now.

Stay tuned, next Saturday coming up.


At Mon Aug 04, 12:41:00 am CEST, Blogger Duckiputz said...

Oh, and the web page is now www.sgft1582.de


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