Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bring back the NeXT feeling

When I first saw a NeXT Computer (although it was the same package, it was not originally called "cube") I was fascinated with the cleanliness and the power of both the OS and the development package. I was a student at that time and couldn´t think of buying one of those sleek machines at that time. When I had rejoined work life in 1993, NeXT Hardware was on the way out, but NeXTSTEP for Intel Processors (NSfIP) appeared as an implementation of NS 3.1. I immediately spent some money on that package, with an erly adopters package, and on a PC to match the hardware compatibility list. I was hooked for a time, but work soon took over much of my time and I didn´t stick to it.

Later, I picked up a NeXTstation Colour, and that adorned my desk as an everyday work machine for quite some time, until the monitor broke. Even later, I picked up a couple of PA-RISC boxes, 712s and 715, and more followed, and NS for PA-RISC. I still have a 715/100 next to my desk in the home office.

And finally I got an iMac... it´s not exactly the same thing, but OS X retains enough of that luster and sheer satisfaction I had experienced with NeXTStep.

For some time there has been a free implementation of OpenStep, GNUSTEP, which I always wanted to try out. I just stumbled on the page below, looking for a build to match my distro, SuSE (back from debian).

Well, now to find some time. Vacation coming up in a month.

GNUstep Binary Packages for SUSE Linux



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