Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Got an old pen...

well, aktually, I got a new pen, but: it´s a pen, that, in this shape, has been manufactured since 1966.

photo linked from LAMY web site.

It is a Lamy 2000. Like all Lamy pens, it is pure utilitarism, the barrel and cap made from a fiberglass enforced plastic, the then newly developed Macrolon, a piston filler mechanism and a mostly covered point. The finish is said to be awfully resilient, let us see how well it ages in daily use.

The only logo is the company name on the side of the clip hinge, in simple capital letters, and the point looks like a simple steel point. It is, in fact, a gold point plated with platinum. Utter and complete understatement. But then, that´s how I like my pens, the only departure from that principle being my opulently coloured Souverän Grand Place in my favourite 600 barrel size. Please stay tuned, I need a good enough macro lens to make a photo worthy of that one.

My Lamy2000 has an M(medium) nib, and is one of the smoothest-writing nibs I´ve ever had. Not much flex, which is a subjective difference from all my Pelikans, but nice nonetheless. The Pen is quite light, has a nice barrel diameter, and is long enough not to require posting the cap.

Filled with Pelikan "Brilliant Black", it produces a line similar to hat of a fibre-tip pen, with no noticeable feathering even on modo-e-modo faux Moleskine paper. I might go for another one with a fine nib, just so I´ve got a spare and an option for really fine writing like in the Moleskine reporter.

I´ll link some reviews of this classic and timeless pen later.

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At Thu Feb 05, 01:37:00 pm CET, Blogger Duckiputz said...

Got another one, but with an F nib, now!

At Thu Feb 26, 07:43:00 pm CET, Blogger Matthias Meckel said...

The Lamy 2000 is so good value for money compared to most other manufacturers!


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