Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stereotypes continued

Well, it´s kinda out-of fashion, but I am a confessed Christian. Horribly protestant, too.

One thing remains with my faith that upsets my stomach on a regular basis, viz, a certain brand of "Brethren".

The best thing yet is branding "Harry Potter" novels as satanistic. Wow. Ever read one?

Mind you, in a similar vein, a "Christian" publication covering satanism in Rock Music dubbed Jethro Tull (anyone as old as I am to remember them? Thank you, no need to stand up at your age) satanistic. Why? One of their band members "died in misterious circumstances".

The band member in question, John Glasscock, an erstwhile drummer, died during a complicated heart surgery.

What on Earth did I miss? Is Christian Barnard the Antichrist?

OK, End-of-rant. Cartoon time ;)


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