Monday, March 30, 2009

Leap to Leopard

Well, Saturday afternoon brought... more work. So much for me going to the shooting range :(

But at least there was one pleasant duty: My Leopard DVD arrived. My trusty iMac still ran on Tiger 10.4.11 , and I will be getting the latest one pretty soon, so, I figured, stuff like time machine would be nice, and having a working boot camp assistant for my GameOS (Windows XP) might also be a good thing.

So I backed up the home dir once more, did the upgrade, solved a little mail problem (easily solved with the help of two Google searches, always a good thing to wait a little before jumping on some newish shiny O/S... let some other guys blunt their teeth first) , set up time machine and let it do it´s first backup to an USB disk I had prepared. In the meantime, disk indexing happened, and although the machine was still working happily and responsive, I decided to do my shopping. And I returned to a fully working machine. No problem with any app. All critical settings working.

So, when my new 24" behemoth will arrive sometime next week, I´ll have a time machine backup ready to migrate from. And it will likely be as painless as this afternoon.

And people ask me why I eschew any Windows for my Macs .... Well, folks, I remember my Windows version changes with the time they cost me and the gnashing of teeth that came with it. I´ll be damned if I go back to that.


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