Friday, December 09, 2005

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

back with my nose to the grindstone

Well, hi and howdy to everyone,

after a short vacation I am back in the usual world of work and headache. Just a short account of events:

  • Danish pipemaker Karsten Tarp was visiting
  • My tummy went bad on me for a couple of days
  • I don´t have a bathroom of my own right now and will not have one for the next two weeks.... renovation taking place. Got an upstairs bathroom, though.
  • I am back at work (yippie). Good-bye private live for some time.
Was in Munich yesterday, travelling in business, nice chat with a prospective customer and a spot of lunch next to lovely English Garden in Munich (famous for the nude sunbathers in summer). Back in falling snow, so finally the AWD is coming into its rights. Also the autonomous heating and the seat heating sees some fair use now winter is here. Am I getting soft or what?

Well, I am typing this sitting in the cafeteria/smoking area at work, considering a sandwich and a pipe to smoke. Most of the SOD (Shit-of-the-day) is through, time for a little respite.

10-4 and 10-7,