Thursday, April 06, 2006

Definitions of the SI units: The binary prefixes

We all know that the exactitude of metrics of disk storage has suffered a bit over the last years. None of us techies is surprised to find that the nice new 300 gig harddrive does not really offer room for 300*1024*1024*1024 8-bit bytes.

Well, here´s a proposal to finally set things right again:

(click here, buster)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And another toy... vewy bwitish.

Bought this rifle today, a Lee Enfield Nr 4 Mk1, manufactured in Canada in 1943. The paratroopers bayonet was a bonus. I like the SMLEs, the peephole rear sight is a lot easier on the eyes, and even though it´s not as tough as the ususal Mauser, it´s a nice rifle, and I liked all the LEs I fired before, even the "Jungle Carbine".

(This is not my rifle, but a photo I got from I-have-no-clue-where-on-the-net. I just got the bayonet, but not the sheath)

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Monday, April 03, 2006

It´s raining again...

Hey, want to find out about the weather? I mean, not by looking out of the window, like I am doing now, and checking out a beautiful thunderstorm :(

For Germany, have a look: WeatherOnline Germany

The Earth shook...

...and no, I am not referring to third base last night. Hey, if you´re not in Japan or near the St. Andreas gap, or otherwise easily frightened, have a look:

Global Seismic Monitor