Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitties gu leoir!

I´ve been meaning to upload these, and I finally found a quiet minute. These are Maunz (black-white) and Red Bull (red-white).

Red Bull (And aptly named he is, for he can be a bugger for keeping you up at night if he feels so inclined) got his name from the neighbours, who took him and his brother in after someone got rid of them in summer, two years ago. I kept seeing them and occasionally fed them. Together, however, they started to fight, and in September last year, after not having seen him for a week, Bully, as he is known for short, turned up with a severe wound on his right front paw. Since he was not the neighbours cat (or so they felt), I caught him, took him to the vet and saw him through recovery (the whole paw was bloody and heavily inflamed), and after that, he stayed home with the rest of the pack, to avoid a recurrence of this kind of trouble. He still likes to sneak out, but overall, he´s happy and well cared for at home.

And so we have got a new napping and playing partner for Maunz, filling in for Müffel and Marvin the previous incumbents of that position.

Hey, wake up! I think we´re being watched.

Aww, whatever!