Monday, March 19, 2007

Back from vacation

Well, what´s there to say, it was a two-week vacation, basically, if you don´t subtract the time I spent working. Apart from that I got a few things done but only half of what I really wanted to to. The second week was nice until Tuesday when I began to develop toothache and ended up with a root canal on a molar, which was simply the most painful experience I have had so far. Not that it was my first ever root canal, but this one was by far the worst, the ones before were plain sailing. Perhaps a patient on national health gets less narcotic?

So I am back in the harness, and the first day basically was all lost to cathing up with stuff and sorting out a schedule for this week. Ten more working days until the new job at another department, where I´ll be doing stuff with new products. What I´ll be doing exactly, I cannot tell you. Well, I could tell you, but I´d have to shoot you ;)