Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Make queries safer

Now as a Firefox plug-in (and we thought firefox was pretty safe already), this tool will warn you of nasty websites when queried from Google or Yahoo.

Protection from Adware, Spam, Viruses, Online Scams | McAfee SiteAdvisor

An Inside View From a Google Employee

An Inside View From a Google Employee: "# Zorba writes that he has only about one meeting per month.
# “The company’s structure, at least for engineers, is amazingly flat.”
Zorba says the Google hierarchy is just five levels: Programmer - Tech lead - Manager - Department lead - Larry/Sergey/Eric. Google just assumes their workers are competent, Zorba adds."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How not to spend your Whitsunday week-end

Hey, we all love three-day week-ends. Unfortunately I started mine with toothache on Friday afternoon, which was temporarily helped by painkillers, but Saturday the ol´ dentist had to remove a cyst from a bit of left-behind premolar. The sedation did not stop me from having loads of fun for two days, my jaw probably could not help feeling unhappy about this half-inch long ectraction wound.

Isn´t it nice when the pain stops?