Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Land unter

"Land unter" , literally: "the land is under" in the German spoken on the coastlines of the Baltic and the German Sea.

It seems New Orleans got hit very hard indeed, now that the high winds have ceased, the water is still on the rise. My feeble best wishes and my sympathies to anyone affected. God help you.

Annoyingly enough, the hate mongers cannot even stop to spin their wheels in the face of a major calamity like this.

To wit, David´s Medienkritik, the good folks that cannot let a good bit of propaganda go to waste:

I am deeply ashamed to say that one part of that enterprise is actually German. A heartfelt sorry to the clear-thinking individuals left in this hemisphere.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today´s Cat Owners´ Food-for-thought

Why Cindy Sheehan has a point:

Sometimes my job is a lot like this:

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bias... it´s not just for breakfast anymore


what I am really startled about is not that there´s wars going on or standing by to happen. What annoys me is that there is a rift in the civilized world.

Welcome to the all new game show "patriots v. shit-hearted liberalists/communists/Frenchmen/democrats".

We´ve come a long way when people ignore the facts.

To quote Mr Ben Elton:

If all else fails, only a total pigheaded unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.
Gen. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett
"Blackadder Goes Fo(u)rth"

In a lighter vein:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

MAC OS X for Intel ... it´s not just for Macs anymore

Pls follow the link to one of the sites that publishes the first results of hacking OS X to run on non-apple hardware.

Pardon me, but this was soooo predictable. I guess "The Steve" is having a meltdown over his own stupidity. : Le "Macbidouille" in English

Monday, August 15, 2005

LOTD: Technology ... for Country Folk

Oy, follow this ´ere link!

Car pics

Took the new car out on the first longer tour, to Luxembourg, which is about 250 klicks from where I live. Weather was shitty here and I did not expect better there, but it turned out to be quite bright. Didn´t bring a camera, so I had to take these with the phone:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Sorry folks, this has to be in German:

Aufgewacht, STAMATIKER des Jahrgangs 1987, unter dem obigen link sammelt Rainer Willems die verfügbaren Kontakte für eine mögliche 20-Jahrs-Reunion.

Stama 1987

Monday, August 08, 2005

Are T*ts bad for Europe?

They are, if you follow the latest news from Brussels:

click here

For some reason (other than the otherwise obvious one), the dirndl-clad waitresses have caught the eye of the blessed officials at the European Authorities.

While not everybody is a fan of scantily clad females in dubitable and highly alcoholised company, I have never heard anybody ever took offense in such a way that they would feel the need to abolish this, all things considered, rather harmless bit of bavarian pseudo-heritage.

Well, we live and learn.

yours truly.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stereotypes continued

Well, it´s kinda out-of fashion, but I am a confessed Christian. Horribly protestant, too.

One thing remains with my faith that upsets my stomach on a regular basis, viz, a certain brand of "Brethren".

The best thing yet is branding "Harry Potter" novels as satanistic. Wow. Ever read one?

Mind you, in a similar vein, a "Christian" publication covering satanism in Rock Music dubbed Jethro Tull (anyone as old as I am to remember them? Thank you, no need to stand up at your age) satanistic. Why? One of their band members "died in misterious circumstances".

The band member in question, John Glasscock, an erstwhile drummer, died during a complicated heart surgery.

What on Earth did I miss? Is Christian Barnard the Antichrist?

OK, End-of-rant. Cartoon time ;)

No Americans were hurt in producing this blog entry

I do not like stereotyping. Period. It seems to be the fad of the day. I´ll have none of it. In the words of Groucho Marx: I´m against it!

Well, dear stereotypers, eat this:

I am a longhaired Hippie who never was out of a steady job nor skimped his service duties to his country, I am staunchly liberal, yet I own and shoot guns and advocate controlled handgun posession for any civilian fit to do so, I love my SUV (diesel powered, ECO-rated, 85%recyclable) and I like Americans. My best buddy on this planet most definitely is one.

That´s what´s wrong with you lot: you just don´t see life is NOT black and white. If so, evolution by continuous improvement would never have happened. Well, it would explain things like the current POTUS and some of the other low-lives that contaminate the administration of an otherwise great country.

Well, if all these words were too tiresome to read, enjoy the cartoon ;) *)

*) Yes, I was deliberately stereotyping. It was done with humourous intent.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Comic alert!

You have to have a peek at this:

I got bitten :(

I don´t quite know the bug, but I ended up with a very sore arm and all the signs of lymphal anginitis, aka septocemia. So, two days of sick leave and lots of antibiotics for me.

On the bright side, this means I had to spent the time to recover full use of my arm staying away from anything computer-ish. So, I went, bought and read Harry Potter VI in one go ;)

Thanks to God for setting me right and forcing me to take some time off.

Yours truly,