Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More bang for the buck

Well, something like that, anyway.

I happened upon this rifle 3 weeks ago, and it was a bargain, complete with a shiny barrel, scope mount and powerful RWS variable scope. The funny thing about this one is, it is significantly younger that my Mk. 4 (this one is made in 1967, same as me, the Mk. 4 is war-time produced in ´43), but it actually is the older model, SMLE. Then again, it is chambered for the newer , non-rimmed .308 Win aka 7,62x51 NATO round.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TV goes digital

My place of Residence, Ludwigshafen, has been moved from analogue television to DVB-T. This was a hard transition, the analogue modes simply shutdown yesterday.

The impact is limited, however, most households having cable or sat, and the digital programming now limited to 11 publicly-financed channels. And for me, who scarcely uses his TV at all besides watching DVDs, there is not really a down side to this anyway. Well, I did buy and program a receiver, and I actually found a channel making use of the novel digital features: ARTE, the French/German cultural station, and one of the few I can stand watching, broadcasts with German and French audio streams. Voila.