Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hang on, Vista is no more painful than XP...

... or is it?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bring back the NeXT feeling

When I first saw a NeXT Computer (although it was the same package, it was not originally called "cube") I was fascinated with the cleanliness and the power of both the OS and the development package. I was a student at that time and couldn´t think of buying one of those sleek machines at that time. When I had rejoined work life in 1993, NeXT Hardware was on the way out, but NeXTSTEP for Intel Processors (NSfIP) appeared as an implementation of NS 3.1. I immediately spent some money on that package, with an erly adopters package, and on a PC to match the hardware compatibility list. I was hooked for a time, but work soon took over much of my time and I didn´t stick to it.

Later, I picked up a NeXTstation Colour, and that adorned my desk as an everyday work machine for quite some time, until the monitor broke. Even later, I picked up a couple of PA-RISC boxes, 712s and 715, and more followed, and NS for PA-RISC. I still have a 715/100 next to my desk in the home office.

And finally I got an iMac... it´s not exactly the same thing, but OS X retains enough of that luster and sheer satisfaction I had experienced with NeXTStep.

For some time there has been a free implementation of OpenStep, GNUSTEP, which I always wanted to try out. I just stumbled on the page below, looking for a build to match my distro, SuSE (back from debian).

Well, now to find some time. Vacation coming up in a month.

GNUstep Binary Packages for SUSE Linux


Linux Weather Forecast - The Linux Foundation

For thos of us who, like me, are no longer intensely involved in Linux development, but want to keep track of the latest trends and features in kernel development. I must say I like the mode of presentation.

Linux Weather Forecast - The Linux Foundation

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mac and Blackberry

For all those out there like me, who use a Mac and a Blackberry, here is good news: PocketMac for Blackberry is now available free as a download for BB users. Just follow the link in the headline.


Reference for EVERY Character Key on a Mac

Adoring your Mac but stuck with some Windows Apps and VM-ing or dual-booting to run Windows? Still confused with key combinations in the Mac World? (I am!)

Here´s help. Click on the heading for the link.